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In Memory of those who gave the ultimate sacrifice


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May 15, Each Year

87TH Congress of the United States of America
H.J. Res. 730                 October 1, 1962                 Public Law 87-726
Joint Resolution

76 Stat.676.
To authorize the President to proclaim May 15 of each year as Peace Officers Memorial Day and the calendar week for each year during which such May 15 occurs as Police Week.

Whereas the police officers of America have worked devotedly and selflessly in behalf of the people of this Nation regardless of the peril or hazard to themselvesves: and
Whereas these officers have safeguarded the lives and property of their fellow Americans; and
Whereas by the enforcement of our laws, these same officers have given our country internal freedom from fear of the violence and civil disorder that is presently affecting other nations;
Whereas these men and women by their patriotic service and their dedicated efforts have earned the gratitude of the Republic:
Now, therefore, be it
            Resolved by the Senate and the House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress Assembled, That the President is authorized and requested to issue proclamations(1) designating May 15 of each year as Peace Officers Memorial Day in honor of the Federal, State, and municipal officers who have been killed or disabled in the line of duty, (2) designating in each year the calendar week during which such May 15 occurs as Police Week, in recognition of the service given by the men and women who, night and day, stand guard in our communities and the people of the United States to observe such day and week with appropriate ceremonies and activities.

Approved October 1, 1962.
                                                                            John F. Kennedy
                                                                            President of the United States

A Part of America Died

Someone killed a policeman today and a part of America Died,
A piece of our country he swore to protect, will be buried with him at his side
The suspect that shot him will stand up in court, with counsel demanding his rights,
While a young widowed mother must work for her kids and spend many long lonely nights.
The beat that he walked was a battlefield too, just as if  he'd gone off to war,
Though the flag of our nation won't fly at half mast, to his name they will add a gold star.
Yes, somebody killed a policeman today in your hometown or in mine,
While we slept in comfort behind our locked doors, a cop puts his life on the line.
Now his ghost walks a beat on a dark city street and he stands at each new rookies side,
He answers the call, of himself gave his all, and a part of America Died

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The Police Memorial
Richmond, Virginia

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In Memory of John W. Buckley
Arlington County Police Department
April 15, 1977

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In Memory of Karen J. Bassford
Fairfax County Police Department
July 27, 1977


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Arlington Coalition of Police, Local 48, IUPA,
presents wreath on behalf of Arlington's slain officers

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