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Lane County Oregon Officer Involved Shooting Video


Newly updated 3-day street crimes seminar
EST. IN 1995

Street Crimes Website

Street Cop DVDs
New Low Price of only $174 for the whole set!
Finally, a video training series that provides real information for the street cop!
Courtroom Survival Tactics
Conducting Interrogations
Conducting Interviews
Developing Street Sources and CI's (parts 1&2)
Ethical Considerations
Hidden Traps and Secret Compartments

Presented in over 150 cities a year, throughout the US, Canada and Mexico!

The newly updated Street Crimes Seminar is more exciting than ever!

You'll never attend training with more street experienced Instructors. The training teaches street tested skills you won't learn any where else.

99% of the thousands of law enforcement professionals who have already attended this training seminar have rated it Excellent or Very Good.


Pat McCarthy's
   Street Crimes 3-day Seminar in Las Vegas!


POST Approved

Las Vegas, NV March 18-20, 2013

   Co-Sponsor/ Training Locations:     

March 18-20, 2013
Las Vegas Metropolitan PD
 400 A Martin Luther King Blvd.
      Las Vegas, NV 89106

TIME: 8:30 am - 4:30 pm

Use DISCOUNT CODE "SC" When You Register and Receive

 (Regular Price= $399) 


Course Content:

First Responder Hostage Negotiating

bulletTips for the Street Cop
bulletCritical Decision making for Frontline Supervisors

Surviving Police Ambushes

bulletActive shooter information for cops and their family members

Deadly Force Encounters

bulletBeing mentally prepared
bulletCharacteristics of deadly force encounters
bulletDo's and don'ts of deadly force encounters
bulletDeadly force statements

Realistic Interview Tactics

bulletQuestioning for fresh leads
bulletInterviewing streetwise subjects
bulletStreet stops/roadside interviews
bulletDeveloping Good Witnesses

Homeland Security Issues for the Street Cop / Agent

bulletUnderstanding terrorism
bulletStopping terrorism

Officer Safety Issues

bulletSafety concerns on duty
bulletKeeping arrests safe
bulletSafety concerns off duty
bulletEffective use of cover and concealment
bulletDo's and don'ts for critical situations

Covert Surveillance Techniques

bulletMatching tactics to the target
bulletHow targets "make" you
bulletDo's and don'ts for success

Gang & Drug Investigations

bulletWorking Street Gangs
bulletGangs in the Military
bulletMS - 13 World's Worst Gang
bulletMeth - World's Worst Drug

Cultivating Confidential Informants

bulletWhere to find the best sources
bulletDeveloping CIs / Street Sources
bulletDo's and don'ts for CI buys
bulletUsing CIs as moles for information
bulletEthical considerations

Street Smart Intelligence Gathering

bulletDigging deeper in records and databases
bulletSuccessful networking tips
bulletSecrets of "mining" the streets
bulletLegal ruses for getting information

Interrogation Tactics / Legal Limits

bulletUse of trickery and deceit
bulletPaving the road to the truth
bulletManeuvering past pitfalls in court
bulletLegal Interrogation Tactics

Car Traps, Hidden Compartments, Search Procedures

bulletSecret hiding places in vehicles
bulletOther secret hiding places
bulletDocumenting evidence for court

And Much More...

You are the Front Line Troops in Homeland Security.

Learn the Skills to BE THE BEST!

Street Crimes Program

phone: 1-800-275-4915

3-Day Seminar Cost: $399.00
Fantastic Group Discounts!

Register early to guarantee your seat at the most informative and entertaining training seminar available to law enforcement today! A well trained officer is a safer and more effective law enforcement professional.



Call Gail or Dan @ 800-275-4915 ext#1
for DEALS on these Seminars!

  If you register 3-4 people you can receive $50 OFF each person on this seminar.
If you register 5 or more people you can recieve $100 OFF each person!
  call 800-275-4915 or register online at  

Ask for the Virginia COPS Discount Price

Coming to the College Park, Maryland
May 22nd & 23rd, 2013
Hosted by Hyattsville City Police Department
Maryland P#20788
**Flier Attached.
University of Maryland-LeFrak Hall, Room 2205
College Park, MD 20742

To Register or for information go to

 Just sold out in Atlantic City, Michigan and Oregon!
**Please let me know if you need a reference from any of the local, state or federal law enforcement that have sent groups to the seminar.

**Please click on the link to read about the New Street Survival Seminar
Article is from a recent New Jersey Attendee 

Some of the Topics Covered

** 5% Mindset
** The Fatal Four
** Stress & the Science of Force
** Instincts vs. Training
** Responsibilities & the Roadway
**Pre-Attack Indicators
**Criminal Patrol
**Confrontational Dynamics 
$199 per person, groups of 3 or more at $179 per person
**Use discount code AAA20 if you are registering 3 or more at
**Las Vegas, Nevada Seminar just added
June 11th & 12th, 2013
Hosted by Las Vegas Metro PD & HIDTA
**e-mail for information


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