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VCOPS College Scholarship Program

VCOPS sponsors an annual college scholarship program for Virginia high school seniors who plan to attend college. The Annual VCOPS scholarship of $250.00 is awarded to the high school senior submitting the best essay on Virginia law enforcement and the general theme "Virginia Law Enforcement: A Commitment to Community."   The essay should be no more than 1500 words in length. Essays should be submitted by April 30 each year. The $250.00 scholarship award will be announced on May 15 of the same year during National Police Week.  The winner will be asked eventually to submit his or her letter of admission from an accredited college. VCOPS will make a direct payment to the winner's college or university account.

Essays should be submitted to:

VCOPS  Scholarship Competition
3204 Cutshaw Avenue
Richmond, Virginia 23230

The VCOPS coordinating committee shall choose the winner(s) from the submissions postmarked by midnight, April 30. Essay submissions should contain the name, last four numbers of your social security number, full address and telephone number of the high school senior submitting the essay, as well as the name, address and telephone number of the student's high school. In addition to the essay, all applicants should include a separate brief paragraph of no more than 150 words concerning the student's plans for college. All submissions become the property of VCOPS.

The winning essay may be published by VCOPS.

**The Virginia Coalition of Police and Deputy Sheriffs is looking for companies or individuals interested in helping expand the VCOPS College Scholarship Competition for high School students in Virginia.**

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