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Flash Mobs -- Instant Crowds

For those unfamiliar with Flash Mobs (if you have not been watching the local news), check out this video of Old Dominion University, Norfolk, VA.  There were 5 officers and hundreds of students. Pepper spray was used. The Flash Mob trend that is/has swept university settings. The students use technology to instantaneously develop a crowd in a geographical setting. I first noticed a trend such as this about a year ago in New York where a crowd is dispatched via technological resources to an area to either remain silent, or yell a word or two and then disperses as fast as they congregated. Looks like the idea has evolved and will continue to evolve to where....?

May be a good idea to begin developing intended media replies, tactical protocols, training and use of force criteria.The media pushed the regular buttons with the university chief about tactical responses to include why his staff had not decided to lock the library when the crowd began to form. The media then used persons in the crowd to talk about the use of pepper spray. Be prepared for Flash Mobs in your neck of the woods.