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The Virginia Municipal League
2008 General Laws Policy Statement


·        any attempt to impose collective bargaining or ‘meet and confer’ requirements for public employers or employees.

·        any attempt by the federal government to stipulate grievance procedures for state and local employees, such as the police officers bill of rights.


VML supports the creation of a legislative study commission to undertake a comprehensive examination of issues associated with the Virginia Retirement System.  The commission should seek the input of local officials through creation of a local advisory group.


VML supports:

Internal Affairs Investigations

Legislation should be enacted to restrict the use, in civil matters, of information gathered in internal investigations when based on compelled disclosure.


Domestic Violence

Virginia’s law defines domestic violence as incidents involving those who are or have been married, those who cohabit or have cohabited within the past 12 months, or couples that have a child in common.  As it has been demonstrated that incidents of domestic violence between couples who previously cohabited can occur several years or more after they cease to cohabit, incidents of violence between these individuals should be treated as domestic violence, no matter how much time has passed since the cohabitation ceased.  The Code of Virginia definition of domestic violence should be changed to reflect this broader scope of cohabitation.


Currently cases involving statutory-defined domestic violence go to the juvenile and domestic relations district court, while those that do not meet the code definition go to the general district court.  Giving the juvenile and domestic relations district court jurisdiction over these cases to the greatest degree practical would allow that court to develop a greater expertise and consistency in dealing with this type of violence.  A code change is recommended.