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Norfolk cop given ticket for driving double the speed limit

06:11 PM EST on Friday, January 4, 2008

A Norfolk police officer was clocked in going 77 miles over the speed limit, and only received a ticket.

State Police say they caught Officer John Minnott whiz by on I-464 last month in his personal car, an Infiniti, traveling at 137 miles per hour.

Its very shocking for any person to go that speed, said Sgt. Allen Williams of Virginia State Police.

In an unusual move, State Police are withholding many details of the case, concerned about creating tension between their department and Norfolk police, but court documents show the 37-year-old was not arrested and booked.

Instead, he was given a ticket. Williams would only speak generally about how someone going that fast could avoid jail.

Its up to the discretion of the police officer or trooper, he said. Not everyone going in excess of 100 miles per hour is going to be arrested. It all depends on the circumstances.


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For Norfolk police, it is the second recent traffic citation for an officer in a month. Just after Christmas, Cliss Bynum was charged with driving under the influence.

He was placed on administrative duty, but Minnott faces no consequences on the police force because he was not arrested.

That may change later this month when Minnott answers to his reckless driving charge. In the meantime, the patrol officer, whos been with Norfolk Police for two years, is still working the streets.