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National Law Enforcement Museum obtains Al Capone Bulletproof Vest
You can help fund the Museum!!

Dear Supporter,

I wanted you to be among the first to get a preview of a recently-acquired Museum artifact.

This well-worn, bulletproof vest once belonged to perhaps the most legendary crime figure of the 20th century Al Capone. It also represents an important era in American law enforcement history.

Building the first-ever National Law Enforcement Museum and creating state-of-the-art exhibition halls filled with historical artifacts is only possible through the generosity and support of loyal friends like you. We need you to make this dream a reality.

Each month brings new progress for the Museum. With that progress comes expenditures we must meet. Please help us meet these expenses by contributing $5 or more each month.

With your help, we hope to break ground for the new Museum this fall. You'll be one of the first to receive the announcement of the official date and time. It's an important milestone that you can help make possible by supporting the Museum with a monthly gift.

But our work is far from done. Creating this long overdue and lasting tribute is a big commitment. And I'm asking you to make a small commitment today to help us.

Please consider making a monthly donation of $5 or more until the Museum doors are permanently opened in 2011. Your gift of $5 per month a nominal amount would be a BIG help in our efforts to share the rich and rewarding history of law enforcement with millions of Museum visitors each year.

While easy on the budget, your monthly gift will be securely processed on your credit card and you can cancel or change your gift amount by contacting us at 202.737.3400 or

For about the price of a cup of coffee, you can help build the national Law Enforcement Museum by making a monthly gift of $5 or more.

We are counting on the continued commitment of the Museum's Founding Members, corporate partners, nonprofit groups, private foundations and dedicated law enforcement organizations across the country. Working together I know we will succeed.


Craig W. Floyd
Chairman & CEO
National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund