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The Officer Roll Call

National Law Enforcement Museum

It's the story of

The Officer Roll Call will let law enforcement officers tell their own stories in the new Museum why they chose the profession and how they made a difference.

Chairman Craig W. Floyd
...the brave men and women who make up the thin blue line
...the tireless officers who are out in their communities and streets, day in and day out
...everyday duty, mountains of paperwork, the camaraderie, as well as the touching and humorous moments

How do I tell my story?

With Your $25 Contribution

Create a page in the Roll Call where you can:
bulletInclude as much or as little information as you wish
bulletUpdate your entry at any time, with unlimited access
bulletList departments served
bulletUpload a photo in uniform
bulletStore personal memories of being on the force
bulletLink to other family members in law enforcement
Click Here to Start Your Entry Today!
The Officer Roll Call isn't limited to human officers only. It also includes law enforcement K-9s and horses, which are an important part of the policing story.

Give a gift

An entry in the Officer Roll Call makes an ideal gift! Honor a new officer's graduation, or a veteran officer's promotion, transfer, professional accomplishment, or retirement. Click Here to sponsor an officer online, or visit the NLEOMF Gift Shop for a gift card.

A part of the museum

The museum will not only tell the tales of famous events, it will also tell the story of the profession. Together, the stories collected in the Roll Call will create a composite impression of policing. The visitors to the new museum will be able to search for and view roll call entries through the Roll Call kiosks at the museum, and in doing so they will truly begin to understand what it means to be an officer of the law. Click the image to the right to watch a virtual tour of the new museum!


Security measures are built into the Officer Roll Call to protect your personal information. During Registration in the Officer Roll Call all information sent between you and our servers is encrypted by Verisign. This encryption prevents a hacker from monitoring network traffic and gaining access to the information being passed. Credit card information is stored in an encrypted format on the database server, preventing anyone from deciphering this information. This server is housed behind a secure firewall which is monitored 24 hours a day, 365 days per year for suspicious activity.