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       Tossable DigitsTM

Disposable Phone Numbers


Tossable DigitsTM is a “call-forwarding” company. They offer customers inexpensive and temporary disposable phone numbers that forward to the customer’s existing home, cell, or office phone.

This allows customers to keep their real phone number private and secret, because callers never know the real number they are calling. The disposable phone numbers are free and appear as local phone numbers to callers. Customers only pay for the minutes used, and can receive as many disposable phone numbers as they want. Calls in the United States and Canada start at $0.08 per minute.

 Tossable DigitsTM works like a prepaid cell phone. Customers fund their account with a credit card, and the value of used minutes or services is automatically deducted. Tossable DigitsTM are ten digit phone numbers with five digit extensions, such as 314-555-1212 ext 12345. For an additional cost of $2.99 per month, Tossable DigitsTM will provide Real NumbersTM, which are disposable ten digit phone numbers without an extension.

Investigators should keep in mind that Tossable DigitsTM can hinder investigations by providing misleading information on tolls, pen registers, etc.


If you have any questions, call GS Jim Ramage, Strategic Intelligence Group, 314-538-4876