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Advanced Interactive Systems, Inc. to Sponsor National Law Enforcement Museum's "Shoot/Don't Shoot" Simulator

Judgmental Use of Force Simulator will Let Visitors Experience Law Enforcement's Split-second Decision making Loop

Washington, D.C.— Every day, America's law enforcement officers make split-second, life and death decisions. When the National Law Enforcement Museum opens in Washington, D.C., visitors will be able to experience the urgency and stress of those decisions through Advanced Interactive Systems, Inc.'s "Judgmental Use of Force Simulator." The $1.2 million partnership between AIS and the National Law Enforcement Museum will help to build the simulator exhibit area within The Academy gallery. Within the safety of AIS's PRISimTM simulator, visitors will test their decision making ability in a variety of unpredictable situations.

In The Academy gallery, visitors will experience how police recruits are transformed from average citizens into law enforcement officers. This training requires recruits to learn a wide array of interrelated academic, physical and tactical skills to perform their future roles effectively. Roughly halfway through their training, recruits begin to put their newly acquired knowledge into practice as demonstrated in the Tactical Training exhibit. Recruits are trained to use a variety of weapons, including how to properly deploy less-than-lethal weapons.

AIS, Inc.'s PRISimTM Video-Based Judgment Training Simulator provides highly realistic use-of-force training that develops the skills required for personnel armed with both lethal and non-lethal weapons. The PRISimTM simulator delivers all the hard realities of a real life operational encounter: The judgment calls, indecision, sudden fear, partial understanding, blindside surprise, and eye-blink response even while being fired upon by the Shootback® cannon are all part of the training that condition trainees for the real world.

Click here to learn more about the "Shoot/Don't Shoot" Simulator and click here to take a virtual tour of the Museum.