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On June 29, 2006, Senator Harry Reid (D NV) introduced the ôSafer Skies Act of 2006, S. 3621.  The bill was, in large part due to the efforts of Dave Kallas, Chris Collins Michelle Jotz, and John Dean Harper of the Las Vegas Police Protective Association, Local 23, of the I.U.P.A.  Their input to the legislation was recognized on the floor of the Senate by Senator Reid, the Senate Minority Leader.

The act would allow qualified local law enforcement officers to carry concealed weapons aboard a commercial aircraft, subject to the same extent and limits of Federal law enforcement officers.  The bill complements H.R. 218, which allowed qualified law enforcement officers to carry concealed weapons throughout the country, subject to qualification.  As you know, presently, law enforcement officers can only travel with their gun, aboard an airliner by placing the gun in checked baggage which they are not allowed to lock. 

 If you would like to see this legislation move forward, I urge you to call or write your senator and urge him to become a co-sponsor.  The text of the bill can be found through