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September 15, 2005

The Honorable Tim Kaine

Richmond HQ

6010 N. Crestwood Avenue
Suite B
Richmond, VA 23230

Dear Tim,

This letter is to officially advise both you and your campaign that during our Fall Meeting in Alexandria, the Virginia Coalition of Police and Deputy Sheriffs voted to endorse your candidacy for Governor of Virginia.

I am honored that we can give you the support of thousands of Law Enforcement Officers throughout the Commonwealth. We look forward to working with you, when you are elected our next Governor of Virginia.

As we have discussed, there are many important issues that face our Public Safety Personnel throughout our State. We remain confident that you will do your best to help us address them.

If there is anything I can help you with between now and November, please feel free to call.




Charles "Chip" Condon
757 572-8911