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Dear Virginia Working Families e-Activist,
The Warner-Kaine Record of Success

250,000 new jobs created since 2001.

 Second lowest unemployment in the United States.

 Largest investment in education in Virginia history.  

Volunteers are needed all over Virginia to help The Warner-Kaine Campaign.

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How you vote is a personal decision.


Unions have examined the candidates’ records and believe Tim Kaine is the best choice for working families.


Whatever you decide, please make your voice heard at the polls
Nov. 8.  

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As lieutenant governor, Tim Kaine worked with Mark Warner to put Virginia on the path to economic prosperity. Working together, they created 250,000 new jobs, restored fiscal discipline and made the largest investment in education in Virginia history.

As governor, Tim Kaine will build upon the progress made during the Warner-Kaine administration and keep Virginia moving forward.

Tim Kaine’s Plan:

Providing Quality Education to Our Children: Tim Kaine will keep Virginia’s commitment to our children and fully fund Virginia’s public schools. He will help attract and keep the best teachers in Virginia and will make high-quality pre-school available to all Virginia four-year-olds.

Reducing Property Taxes: Tim Kaine will reduce homeowners’ taxes by exempting up to 20 percent of a home’s assessment from the homeowner tax. He also will veto any unfunded mandates on local governments and ensure more public participation in the tax rate-setting process.

Solving Virginia’s Traffic Problems: Tim Kaine will fight to protect taxpayer money meant for transportation, empower communities to stop development that will increase congestion and expand transit options, including Metro.

Voting is our right and our responsibility. Let’s keep Virginia on the right track.


Working Families e-Activist Network, AFL-CIO
Oct. 25, 2005