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The non-profit Virginia Public Access Project offers a glimpse behind the curtain of political spending on their free Web site devoted to tracking campaign finance.


Subject: [Connect-richmond] Follow the Money in Virginia Politics
Date: Wed, 27 Apr 2005 12:52:44 -0400
From: Aaron Kessler <>
To: <>
VPAP has just finished a major update, processing all the candidates' April
15 campaign finance reports.  The information posted is current through
March 31, and enables you to find out who has been giving to everyone from
your local delegate all the way up to the candidates for Governor.  

Candidates <>  for

June 14 House Primaries <> 

House candidates - Mos <> t Money On
Hand <> 

Top Donors in 2005 <> 

Looking ahead, the next batch of campaign reports will be due June 6 -- just
eight days before the June 14 primary.

VPAP also offers a way to search for donors in your neighborhood - by a
specific county or city, or even a single zip code.  You can even search for
donors broken down by their occupation, all using our Advanced Donor Search:

Advanced Donor <>  Search

And who is giving isn't always the whole story - perhaps you want to know
where the candidates are spending that money.  VPAP offers you that
information as well.

Top Vendors <> 

Spending by Purpose <> 

We hope you enjoy the service, and please let us know if you have any
questions.  VPAP is proud to offer this information as a free public service
to those interested in Virginia politics.  With the primary and general
elections fast approaching, VPAP will be making regular updates to the site
to ensure the most current information is available.  If you would like
receive notices when such updates are made, please let us know and we will
add you to our list.

Aaron Kessler and David Poole
Virginia Public Access Project
Richmond, Virginia

804.353.4300 <> 

VPAP is a non-profit, non-partisan tracker of money in Virginia politics. If
you like this service, please consider making a tax-deductible donation
<>  in support of our work.