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November 23, 2004


The purpose of this Bulletin is to inform retired LASD sworn personnel of
the current Department procedures to certify them under the Law Enforcement
Officers Safety Act of 2004.  This Federal law allows honorably retired law
enforcement officers to carry a concealed firearm nationwide, but requires
annual proficiency certification.  The LASD Weapons Training Unit has
developed a firearms test for those retired members who wish to take
advantage of the privileges afforded them under the new law.

(Active duty personnel should refer to SheriffÆs Bulletin #523, and FOSS
Newsletter, Volume 04, Number 25, for further information)

Annual Qualification

The Department firearms proficiency test for retirees assesses general

firearms safety and proficiency in handling and firing the weapon.  It is
available to any retired LASD deputy who retired in good standing.
California residency is not required.

The test can be administered daily, by appointment, at the Biscailuz Pistol
Range.  The primary purpose for making appointments is to ensure that the
range is operating and that personnel are available to accommodate retirees
when they arrive.  Call (323) 267-2730, to schedule an appointment.

Retired personnel who successfully complete the firearms proficiency test
will immediately be issued a certification card, valid for one year from the
date of certification.  This card must be carried with the retireeÆs
Department identification.

Additional Information

$ The Sheriff has directed that the firearms proficiency test and annual
certification be provided at no cost to LASD retirees.  You will be able to
purchase .38, .45, or 9mm ammunition at the range.  For other calibers, you
will need to bring your own ammunition.

$ LASD retirees who qualify annually under the Federal law will no longer
have to have their California CCW permit renewed by the Department.

$ Retirees who do not wish to carry a concealed firearm outside of
California do not have to qualify under the Federal law.  However, if they
wish to continue carrying in California only, they must renew their CCW
permit as currently required.

$ Currently, we can only certify those LASD retirees who can report to the
Biscailuz Pistol Range to be tested.  It is anticipated that, in the future,
additional agencies statewide will be able to certify LASD personnel.

$ HR 218 allows for LASD retirees living in other states to be certified by
that state if the state offers such a test.
Retirees living out of state should contact their local law enforcement
agency to determine if such a test is available.

Any questions regarding the contents of this bulletin may be directed to
LASD Leadership and Training Division at (323) 526-5375, or by e-mail to

Additional information and the complete text of the Law Enforcement Officers
Safety Act of 2004 can be found at the LASD Retired website at