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"A Working Cops' Organization -- Not a Charity"

The Virginia Coalition of Police and Deputy Sheriffs is classified as a tax exempt non-profit organization, 501(c) 5, under the Internal Revenue Code. VCOPS is not a Charity.  As such gifts and donations to the Virginia Coalition of Police and Deputy Sheriffs (VCOPS) are not tax deductible for federal income tax purposes.  Funds are used to operate VCOPS seminars, programs and administration.  A portion of the gross fundraising proceeds is used to defray the expenses of public education, administration and the cost of a public appeal for support.

A financial statement is available upon request from the State Office of Consumer Affairs.  PO Box 1163, Richmond, Virginia 23218.  Consumer Protection Hotline 800-552-9963 or 804-786-2042 Fax 804-225-2666.

If you would like to make a donation or gift directly to the Virginia Coalition of Police and Deputy Sheriffs you can send your donation to:

Virginia Coalition of Police
and Deputy Sheriffs
3204 Cutshaw Avenue
Richmond, Virginia 23230

**The Virginia Coalition of Police and Deputy Sheriffs is also looking for companies or individuals interested in helping expand the VCOPS College Scholarship Competition for high School students in Virginia.

Should you desire to contact the Virginia Coalition of Police and Deputy Sheriffs please feel free to call:
(800) 913-2727

Should you desire to contact our current fundraiser concerning our current appeal please call:

(800) 913-2727

You must leave a message with a name and telephone number to have your call or email returned.

The Virginia Coalition of Police and Deputy Sheriffs receives many calls from citizens asking for information about VCOPS and many times about other organizations that we have no information or knowledge about. VCOPS believes in full disclosure of information about itself and organizations that request support from the public.  Here are a few things that will aid you in deciding whether or not to assist any organization that calls or writes you for support.

1.  If you do not know the organization that is requesting support ask for information to be sent to you or a website to go to in order to get more information. 

2.  If you cannot get a local or toll free number to speak to someone in charge then chances are that you should not give to that organization.   If phone numbers and contact information is not on literature you receive or on a website, then chances are that the organization is not legitimate.

3. No one soliciting for VCOPS will ever ask you for:
  Personal Information
      Bank Account Information
      Social Security Number
      Living Arrangement
      Health Status
      Drivers License Number
      or any other personal information. 

If anyone calling you asking for support of any kind ever asks for this kind of information.... Hang up!!  

4.  Everyone has a limited budget for donations.   Stick to your budget!

Lastly, The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has passed new laws to protect consumers from Telephone Solicitations with a National Do-Not-Call list.   VCOPS and similar non-profits and Charities are exempt from the new Federal  regulations. 

VCOPS respects your privacy.  If you desire to have your name and number added to our own

Do-Not-Call List
please call: 

1-(800) 913-2727 or email  You must leave your name and Telephone number.

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