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Don't be left alone out in the dark

The various articles on the left are available to you so that you can review your rights and better understand your job and its challenges.  

Your constitutional rights or "Garrity Statement" should be attached to each and every request by your supervisors for your statement about an incident involving your work. 

Remember, "as a condition of employment you are required to abide by the departmental rules and regulations. You must answer questions, give statements, and submit reports at the order of an investigating officer, or become subject to disciplinary action for refusal to obey."

bullet 1.  An officer can be ordered to participate in such an investigation;
bullet 2.  An officer can be required to give a statement, oral or written, at times recorded, transcribed and sworn;
bullet 3.  Whatever statements are made may be used against the officer in later disciplinary proceedings.

Every officer should know and use his/her Garrity rights in order to protect his personal and job related rights.

"We have met the enemy"...
"and they are us".



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