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Department of Criminal Justice
List of Police Departments
and Sheriff's Offices in Virginia

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Virginia Law Enforcement Officers, VALEO

Alexandria Police Chapter of PBA (Charter Member)

Alexandria Association of Deputy Sheriff's
(Charter Member)

Arlington Coalition of Police (ACOP), (Charter Member)    
 Local 48  Website

Arlington County Deputy Sheriffs' Association, Local 5017

Chesapeake Coalition of Police, Local 5020 Website

Chesterfield Coalition of Police (CCOPS), Local 5008 (Webpage)

Henrico Patrol Officers Association, Local 5043

Norfolk Police Union, Local 412

Norfolk State University Police Officers Association

Old Dominion University Police Officers Association, IBPO

Portsmouth Police Officers' Association, Local 5028

Prince George County Coalition of Police, Local 5018

Richmond Coalition of Police (RCOPS), Local 5001 , Webpage

Suffolk Police Officers Association, Local 5022 Webpage

Uniform Division of the Secret Service, Local 17

Virginia Beach Police Supervisors' Association, (Charter Member)
 Local 38
, Website

Virginia Beach Police Benevolent Association, (Charter Member)
Local 34, Website

Virginia Animal Control Association, VACA, Website

Washington Metropolitan Airport Police Union, Local 5004 , Webpage

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