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A Common Wealth of Representation for the Law Enforcement Officers of the Commmonwealth of Virginia


A miraculous and arduous recovery
for Alexandria police officer shot in head

Peter Laboy poses for a portrait photograph on April 2,
a day when he was volunteering at the Alexandria Police Department.
 Laboy, a police officer with the Alexandria Police Department,
was shot in the line of duty on Feb. 27, 2013. (Matt McClain/The Washington Post)

Washington Post
May 31
Police officer Peter Laboy made a miraculous recovery after being shot in the head while on duty.
Now he and his family are learning to live with his traumatic brain injury.


Peter Laboy perched on a step stool in the Alexandria Police Department, the simple task of inventorying uniform shirts vexing him. He stared for a while at a row of boxes — never opening any to perform a count — then keyed in a number on his computer. His figures were close, but often wrong. Minutes in, focus was lost.

“You got some breakfast?” he yelled out suddenly, jumping down to greet a man at the property room window.

Peter used to be a swashbuckler in these hallways, a 46-year-old father of four who flirted with becoming a fighter pilot but figured “you can’t have it more dangerous than riding a police motorcycle.” He was aggressive and dedicated, known among colleagues for pulling a lot of people over and writing a lot of tickets.

Then, a little more than a year ago, he was shot in the head.

His recovery has been nothing short of remarkable. He makes breakfast for his kids some mornings, casually jokes about his injury with other officers. Some even ask when he’ll be back up on his bike. Meet him briefly, and you would never know anything was wrong.

But his return to real police work, at least now, seems doubtful. There are seizures, therapy, and frustration that can be worse than physical pain. He grows impatient quickly and can’t always persuade his body to carry out tasks he’s set on doing. Sometimes, just getting up in the morning is difficult.

Surviving, it seems, was the easy part. Now Peter must wrestle the expectations that come with life.

“They say, ‘You look great,’ ” Peter said, “But then, they don’t understand what’s going on inside my brain.”

Virginia Coalition of Police
and Deputy Sheriffs

Candlelight Vigil 2014
Tuesday, May 13th

National Police Week 2014

May 11-17, 2014

In 1962, President Kennedy proclaimed May 15th as National Peace Officers Memorial Day
and the calendar week in which May 15th falls, as National Police Week. Established by
a joint resolution of Congress in 1962, National Police Week pays special recognition to those
law enforcement officers who have lost their lives in the line of duty for the safety and protection of others.

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"Dropping the Hammer" Seminar in Virginia Beach 2013
A Huge Success

Burt Springer and Chip Condon addressing attendees at the
VCOPS "Dropping the Hammer" Seminar in Virginia Beach.



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Training and Knowing Your Rights
Will Make a Big Difference in Your Career and Your Life!


Lane County Oregon Officer Involved Shooting Video


I'm OK....I'm waiting for my Attorney!

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Findings from FBI about cop attackers & their weapons
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Training Opportunities
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We Will Never Forget "September 11, 2001"



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Jihad, Radical Islam's War against the West
(If you don't think its a threat now, you will after viewing this video)

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"The lives of more than 2,800 police officers have been saved as a result of body armor.
An officer who is
NOT wearing armor is 14 times more likely to suffer a fatal injury
 than an officer who
IS wearing armor.

 Therefore, law enforcement officers would be well advised to continue to wear body armor
and carefully follow manufacturers’ instructions concerning its use and care."
                                                            Dept of Justice


The National Law Enforcement Museum

"Shooting someone is not a badge of honor," Officer Burns said. "It's something no one wants to do.
No police officer in the world is paid to die, no police officer in the world is paid to get hurt."

Tasers....The debate goes on.
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NY Times Articles say Polygraph is Unreliable
Polygraph Poor Tool for Screening
Feds warned not to rely on Polygraph

Should you take a polygraph?
Not after you read this!
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Thomas Jefferson

The Pentagon Memorial Website

The VCOPS 9-11-01 Memorial Pin

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